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Effortless Managment of Complex Personal Assets and Affairs

MANAGING YOUR PROPERTY IS A FULL TIME JOB, and your time is valuable and limited.  SHINYMIND™ understands the unique challenges that large estates and luxury assets present in their day-to-day management and provides property management services for estates and luxury assets in the Southern California region.  For a fixed monthly retainer, Shinymind selects and manages an army of carefully selected maintenance vendors ensuring you are paying competitive rates with no markup. Instead of writing dozens of checks each month and trying keep up with disperate vendors, SHINYMIND clients write one simple check each month and receive a clear report of their maintenance activities and costs.  Vendors remain closely managed by Shinymind via weekly site visits. We stay on top of them so you don't have to, and ensure that the maintenance work on your property is done right.  Shinymind staff remains ‘on call’ to address issues, allowing clients to enjoy their properties effortlessly, despite the inherent complexity in large estates and luxury assets.


Examples of Estate Management Services

-Check and maintain septic systems regularly, arrange for cleaning when needed

-Check and maintain water pressure booster pumps, fire sprinklers

-Hire and manage landscape maintenance staff

-Hire and manage pool and spa maintenance

-Manage irrigation (must be adjusted seasonally and periodically maintained)

-Manage electric gates (change codes, periodic maintenance)

-Manage annual brush clearance to satisfy Fire Department requirements

-Manage annual exterior wood maintenance (staining, weatherproofing)

-Manage plumbers, electricians, etc. for unexpected repairs

–Hire and manage home cleaning staff if requested

-Smoke detector/CO2 detector inspection and maintenance

-Private roadway maintenance for periodic cleaning, sealing and repaving

-Vineyard/Orchard management

-Aircraft and yacht management

-For new homeowners: Arrange for connection of water, power, telephone, trash service, security and Internet


Shinymind’s property management services will enable you to enjoy your home or asset in a ‘turn-key’manner, without having to manage an army of maintenance staff.  Your time is too valuable to do this yourself.  If interested, contact us at  Client references available upon request.


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